What exactly is a RoundHere Guide?

It is an award-winning, single-page publication designed for your hospitality site. Arriving guests crave accurate information about local restaurants. Unfortunately, crowdsourced websites can’t keep up. A locally verified RoundHere Guide includes all nearby restaurants so that hospitality staff can guide guests to the right place quickly and effectively. Guests who feel happy with their hotel and dining experiences become repeat customers. That generates more funding and more jobs.

Graph showing performance of RH clients

Doesn’t everyone get their dining info online?

Most travelers carry a mobile device, yet 92% of them will ask the host to describe local dining options. Of those, 88% prefer receiving printed information instead of a referral to an online app or website.

Is the guide filled with advertisements?

No. Our firm does not sell advertising. The front of the sheet lists every local dining option. You may use the reverse side to promote your community or sell the space to your own sponsors.

What is included in the cost of the guides?

Everything is included in the price of the printed product, including design, production, editing, proofreading, printing, padding, trademark and copyright licensing, and updates with each reorder.  The guide may only be posted online through a separate written agreement.

What are the costs?