What exactly is a RoundHere Guide?

It is an exciting and popular one-page publication that focusses visitor attention on one specific community. All visitors crave accurate information about local restaurants. Crowdsourced websites are often inaccurate and outdated. A locally verified RoundHere Guide includes all nearby restaurants. Local hotel and visitor-oriented hosts can guide guests to the right place quickly and effectively. Guests who feel happy with their hotel and dining experiences become repeat customers.

Doesn’t everyone get their dining info online?

88% of travelers prefer receiving locally printed information instead of crowd-sourced apps or websites.

Does the RoundHere® sell advertising space?

No. We never sell advertising on our guides. However, the reverse side can be used by the client to sell their own advertisements.

What is included in the cost of the guides?

Everything is included in the price of the printed product, including design, production, editing, proofreading, printing, padding, trademark and copyright licensing, and updates with each reorder.  The guide may only be posted online through a separate written agreement.

What are the costs?

Please call 865-254-5654 or write to for a pricing option that fits your needs.